Building Safe and Secure Temporary Structures

We rapidly deploy temporary facilities and provide logistics management for government and commercial mission critical support including disasters and special events.


Since 2001, Deployed Resources has been dedicated to safely and efficiently providing transparent facility support and logistical services, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  Rooted in reliability and readiness with expertise in the military, construction, and engineering industries, we are the first-choice provider for Government, Commercial, Disaster Response, and Event Support contracts.

Emergency Response Ready

Our Responder Support Camp is ready in 72 hours and so is our team.

Reliable Logistical Support

Our effective logistical support brings you unmatched quality and safety

Reasonable Event Logistics

Our event planning and management services meet your special event needs

Helping You Achieve the Impossible

No matter the mission, we get the job done. From emergency response to entertaining festivals, our logistics management skills cannot be matched.


Of only 5 companies on the FEMA National Responder Contractor list.


National hurricanes for which we provided disaster relief.


Thousand persons can be supported by our national inventory.


The number of hours we need to deploy a turnkey response solution for 1500 people.

“Deployed Resources’ ability to provide needed resources quickly in the event of a natural disaster is unmatched.”

Rapidly Deployed Mission Logistics Services

No matter the mission, we are ready to help. We perform our operations with a focus on safety, environmental sustainability, and quality with the highest integrity.
Delivery and Setup
We provide the equipment and setup for everything your mission needs.
Operation and Maintenance
We offer logistical support for your operations that help maintain your mission.
Breakdown and Removal
We ensure proper breakdown and removal of all equipment and waste.
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Logistics Services for Emergency Response

Deployed Resources is the industry leader in delivering temporary logistical support to aid first responders in the wake of short or no-notice events.
Base Camp Operations
Ready to provide and support base operations and portable emergency shelters.
Custom Site Support Packages
Consultation to offer efficient, effective, custom solutions
Wrap Around Support
Equipment such as forklifts, storage, resting areas, etc.
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Deployed Resources provides the necessary temporary infrastructure required when a site needs equipment and logistics management.
Temporary Infrastructure
Compliant facilities for concerts and commercial events
Water Systems
Efficient plumbing for a population up to 250,000 persons
Plumbers, cooks, electricians, cleaners, and other key players
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