Deployed Resources provides logistics and operations management required for military, government, and commercial disruptions, which includes the delivery, setup, operation, maintenance, breakdown, and removal of logistical support areas.

We Handle Facilities Management so You can Focus on the Mission.

Providing OSHA-compliant worker support and facilities during labor negotiations, disputes, plant retrofits or upgrades, and any other situation that creates a facility disruption, we provide effective logistics management that ensures continuity.

Our Expertise Drives Our Readiness.

With experience from military, construction, and engineering, we are a synergistic source for temporary facilities and logistics services.

Delivery and Setup

We coordinate and manage the logistics for the delivery and setup of all equipment and support.

Base Operations Support (BOS)

We ensure equipment and units are operated correctly and that they continue to perform.

Breakdown and Removal

And when you no longer need the support, we ensure proper breakdown and removal of all equipment.

Effective Base Camp Operations

With speed, professionalism, and efficiency, we handle the unconventional and unpredictable by providing innovative solutions and offering extraordinary flexibility.