MISSION: Emergency Management

In the event of emergencies or disasters, including all natural, technological, intentional, and terrorism risks, emergency management will often need temporary facilities for responders, incident management, critical infrastructure operations, and displaced populations. With a ready inventory of quick response assets and heavy transportations capabilities, Deployed Resources is ready to respond.

Prevention. Protection. Mitigation. Response. Recovery.

Deployed Resources stands ready to support Emergency Management operations across all mission areas. We can provide shelter, feeding, potable drinking water, and sanitary facilities for responders and support personnel ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Achieving the Impossible.

From building a 1,500-person base camp in 72 hours in the wake of Superstorm Sandy to delivering 40+ shower and laundry locations in response to Hurricane Florence, we make it happen.

Emergency Management

We are ready to support and able to deliver reliable resources for any emergency or disaster in the United States.

Incident Support Base

We are ready to provide the guidance and expertise to develop an effective solution and deliver it within 72-96 hours depending on location and event.


Since 9/11, we have been involved in declared disasters throughout the U.S. We are ready to provide support and disaster relief services to our emergency management partners. To learn more Click Here

Emergency Management

With speed, professionalism, and efficiency, we handle the unconventional and unpredictable with extraordinary flexibility by providing innovative emergency management