Emergency Management

Hurricane Laura

Deployed Resources provides emergency relief within 24 hours of Hurricane Laura.

Total Meals Served
Amount of People Supported
Hours for Remobilization of our Hurricane Laura support operations after Hurricane Delta

When Hurricane Laura made landfall on the Gulf Coast on August 27, 2020, it left over a million people in Louisiana and Texas without power and over 200,000 residents in Louisiana without accessible drinking water.  The storm would result in over $10 Billion in total damages and sadly take the lives of 77 people.  

Within 24 hours of the storm passing through Louisiana, Deployed Resources had set up shower and laundry missions for the local Lake Charles community as well as donated potable water supplies to Operation BBQ Relief for their emergency food service efforts. We then quickly mobilized one full base camp operation as well as full wrap around support services for two partners.

The first base camp operation was a 100-person base camp with full support services including showers, toilets, and sinks, as well as food service providing a total of 4,200 meals over a 14-day period. Our second emergency response operation provided comprehensive wrap around support for 300 people featuring our state of the art laundry equipment with full fluff and fold service, maintenance and housekeeping services, ablution services with showers, toilets, and sinks, and daily 3-meal food service for a total of 27,000 meals served in 30 days.  

Last, we supported one of our most valuable partners, United Rentals, with food services operations, shower, restroom, laundry equipment, and housekeeping services for their staff of 25 who were working in Lake Charles, LA. 

A few weeks later, Hurricane Delta followed closely behind Laura directly impacting the exact same area that had been devastated by the previous storm. Hurricane Laura would be the sixth tropical storm to make landfall in Louisiana this year and Hurricane Delta would become the seventh.  With Hurricane Delta quickly approaching, our teams had to demobilize all of our existing support services and evacuate to safety in Houston, TX. 

After weathering the storm, we were back at Lake Charles and had remobilized our completed support services.  We also installed new plywood floors in the base camp facility which were necessary due to the additional flooding caused by Delta.   

Deployed Resources is still actively involved in the recovery and support of our customers and partners in Lake Charles, LA.  We are happy to safely and efficiently support our customers in their time of need.

"In true DR fashion we safely executed the remobilization of both sites for 300PAX FEMA camp within 16 hours of notice to proceed from FEMA directive.”

Mike Kerwawycz

Director of Site Engineering for Deployed Resources