Employee Feature: Richard Cheek, Vice President of Emergency Management Solutions

Deployed Resources would like to introduce Richard “Dick” Cheek, Vice President of Emergency Management Solutions, and a valuable team member for nearly twelve years.

Each day, Dick works to maintain relationships with the states and other jurisdiction’s Emergency Management Agencies to help them better understand the importance to build Readiness Contracts (ARC). Once a contract is in place, he develops action plans which integrate Deployed Resources as part of their emergency management team. He offers additional support during and following disasters by providing professional advice and feedback.

To help broaden Deployed Resources reach, Dick serves as a National Emergency Management Association member to maintain old relationships and develop new ones. He also consults in disaster logistics for many States, Urban Area Security Initiative regions, and Catastrophic Planning Regions where he most recently completed the first phase of the Washington D.C. logistics plan and also the recent Massachusetts Logistics and Stating Plan.

Even after 12 years in the industry, Dick recognizes there is always room for innovation, and he looks forward to continue making Deployed Resources the “go to” company for disaster response support.

“The future of Deployed Resources is very dynamic and growing in ways now that were just a dream before. It is satisfying to see the ideas of things we wanted to do 10–11 years ago now coming to life.”

Even before working for Deployed Resources, Dick knew he wanted to be a part of this evolving company after collaborating on a Hurricane Katrina project. Since his start, his dedication to heightening the company’s mission has not faltered.

“I have been in the workforce for 51 years—22 years in the military, 14 years in state and federal emergency management, and 13 years in the private sector, and Deployed Resources has been the best job I’ve ever had. Not every company will let you chase an idea…even if they all don’t work out.”

As Deployed Resources strives to provide exceptional service, products, and solutions to our customers, extraordinary team members like Dick are key to our industry-leading achievements and success.

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