Micro Camp 3D Animation

Deployed Resources is proud to debut our most recent 3D animation featuring our Micro Camp.

Take the virtual tour and watch how the Micro Camp supports small teams of deployed personnel during operations or trainings. The camera rotates around the Micro Camp, showcasing the secure living environment along with the variety of products that make up this turnkey solution.

Featured Deployed Resources products used to develop a Micro Camp include the Sentinel II Airbeam Structure, Bicon Latrine/Kitchen Unit, and Bicon Office Unit—all of which work together to provide a secure, functional, and comfortable living space which allows staff to stay where they work.

The Micro Camp is designed to use minimal water and fuel, and can be transported by truck, rail, ship, and even by air to reach even the most rugged, remote, and austere locations.

For camps requiring accommodations for more than 12 people, the scalable Small Expeditionary Camp is available.

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