Our New Website

We continually strive to provide more innovative solutions for our customers. We have recently launched a completely redesigned and developed website which contains new product information, and new tools and features. In addition, it has a spiffy new look and easier user interface.

Interactive 3D Diagrams:
See entire turnkey Small Expeditionary (SEC) and Large-Scale Camps set-up for life support operations, and/or special operations forces. These interactive diagrams allow users to rollover products for an introduction, or to click for even more information. 

Animated Tours:
See Small Expeditionary Camps and Large-Scale Camps like you have never seen them before! Take an aerial view around the camps before flying down to ground level and taking a virtual walk through the sites and/or products. See how these turnkey life support facilities are seamlessly integrated to work together, even in harsh environments. Product sizes, options, capacities, logistics, and services are also reviewed.

Data Sheets and Product Specifications:
Expanded information is included for each product, including specifications and product drawings. In addition, each product page is able to be saved as a print-friendly PDF, so you can save, print, and/or email the information as needed. Any time a new product is offered or new option is added, you can immediately save a new PDF. Visit our Products page for ongoing, up-to-date information.

New product photos and vides:
In-the-field product photos, aerial photos, drone video footage, installation/set-up videos, and product overview videos are available throughout the site and will be continually updated.

Updated Base Camp and CPOD Calculators
Talk about innovation — we developed the industry-standard tool for resource planners: the Base Camp Calculator. It is designed to help quickly calculate the minimum quantities of critical components required for temporary life solutions. Be sure to check back often for updates.

The new CPOD Calculator is the latest innovation in disaster response. It is the perfect tool for Emergency Managers, to help determine TYPE I, TYPE II, and TYPE II Points of Distribution (POD).