S3E Seal of Commitment

Our S3E seal of commitment begins with the people of Deployed Resources. Staff members are cross-trained to accomplish multiple functions across all required disciplines, providing safe, sustainable, and innovative solutions for our customers. Our products include:


  • Safety and training are critical components of our company, allowing us to conduct our operations and projects in the safest ways possible.
  • Our turnkey facilities include all the space, equipment, and staff needed to provide exceptional service in a clean, safe environment.


  • Our product line includes low impact, eco-friendly, modular solutions.
  • We continue to enhance the user experience with our safe and sustainable products.


  • Our products are built to withstand the most austere environments.
  • The durable corrugated steel construction of our containerized units are designed for frequent mobility, to withstand heavy usage & harsh conditions.


  • We provide code-compliant facilities to satisfy disruptions to ongoing operations, such as turnarounds and shutdowns.
  • Our fair and reasonable pricing allows our customers to save on costs without sacrifice.


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