Team Members Gather in Florida for the Annual Deployed Resources Summit

This past week, the Deployed Resources team traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the highly-anticipated Deployed Resources Summit which took place January 29–30. This event gathered nearly 80 Deployed Resources team members from the Finance, Development, Operations, Administrative, Manufacturing, and Executive groups.

While the event is held each year, the scope and purpose of the event changes to keep Deployed Resources staff up-to-date on the latest company-wide initiatives, goals, and capabilities. It is also a great time for the team to meet, share best practices, collaborate on problem-solving, and discuss their wide-range of experiences while out in the field.

This year, the Deployed Resources Summit focused on education, growth, and planning. Throughout the multi-day event, the participants joined in a variety of activities including trainings, roundtables, workshops, networking, and recreation, and participated in a wide-range of conversations ranging from safety initiatives to staffing to organizational strategy.

The Deployed Resources Summit ensures that all company stakeholders leave feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the highest-quality support and most innovative solutions to match any possible client need.

As the industry leader for temporary event facilities, services, and products, we specialize in handling the unconventional and unpredictable. As we work to achieve what others consider impossible, the Deployed Resources Summit is just one vehicle allowing us to do so.

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