Creating the Best Dining Facilities

The Deployed Resources turnkey Containerized Kitchen Unit (CKU) and dining facilities include all the space requirements, equipment, and experienced staff to efficiently prepare and serve meals in a clean, safe environment. Great meals promote great morale, and we have been awarded continually for accomplishing this feat. We offer an award-winning 14-day rotational menu that has been developed through our experience providing millions of meals, custom menus, and restaurant-plated menus.

All meals are prepared by our trained chefs and ServSafe® Certified food service personnel. Each facility is operated in accordance with local health codes, USDA Food Service Codes, and DoD Food Service program guidelines, as applicable. Dining facility staff includes line cooks, servers, floor attendants, and dishwashers. Dining facilities are typically equipped with refrigerated and dry storage, as well as washing, preparation, baking, and service areas. The dining area is finished with raised floors, doors, lighting, fire prevention devices, and climate controls, providing a pleasant dining experience even in the most austere environments.

Our Containerized Kitchen Units (CKUs) provide a fully functional kitchen inside standard 20’ ISO shipping containers. For larger requirements or extended durations, units can be placed directly on the ground adjacent to the dining area to allow easy access between the dining facility and kitchen. A four-unit configuration is capable of serving 1,500 persons within a 90-minute window. Additional CKU sizes (10’ and 40’) and configurations are available. For short-term or rapid deployment, the two-unit CKU can be configured side-by-side, or remain on a chassis. All units are built to the highest standards with equipment and floor plans that rival any existing fixed kitchen facility.

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FoodService / CKU Infographic