Redefining the Music Industry

We have all looked forward to attending a music festival or event. We teeter back and forth, trying to decide if many of the unpleasantries of large events outweigh the joys of shared festival experiences and seeing some of our favorite bands perform live. Music festivals range from all-day to multiple-day events. Let’s face it — what starts out as an exciting and fun musical adventure, can quickly turn into a less than ideal situation if basic hygiene accommodations are not provided. Long lines to use toilets and dirty, odorous facilities are among the worst. The heat of summer creates a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Couple that with stagnant waste inside a typical portable toilet, and you have yourself a certifiably disgusting experience.

Deployed Resources has turned the festival-going experience upside down. More specifically, we have flushed it out…literally. Our restrooms sustainably flush (no chemicals and low water consumption) away waste, and each unit is designed to circulate air to promote a fresh and inviting experience throughout the entire event. Compare that to an environmentally harmful, stinky, traditional, plastic toilet experience!

Last year, we provided 900+ flushing restrooms, serving over 100,000 people at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, and our restrooms did not go unnoticed. We made TimeOut Chicago’s list of “The five best things we saw at Lollapalooza.”

We also received positive feedback from all of the other music festivals we provided services for in 2017. So much so, we suspect in 2018 potential festival-goers will not only check out the line-up of bands, but also whether or not Deployed Resources will be there to provide toilets and urinals! Follow our blog and other social media channels to find out where will be performing next!

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