North Carolina State Base Camp Contract

Deployed Resources has been awarded a contract with the State of North Carolina to provide Turnkey Base Camps and Wrap-Around Support Services for use during disasters, emergencies and similar events requiring turnkey life support or equipment services.  Deployed was previously awarded this contract in 2007.

Turnkey Base Camps for this contract range in size from 250 to 1000 persons.  Base Camps include full food service, security, climate controlled sleeping facilities, office spaces, internet, power generation, HVAC, fuel services, showers, laundries, restrooms and related support services such as drinking water, waste water management, solid waste management and check in/check out services.

Wrap Around Support Services include linen service, internet service, K-9 support services, transportation/ground support, medical units, administrative units and individual sleeping units, shower units, restroom units, kitchen units or laundry units,