Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2017

Deployed Resources was in New Orleans over the weekend for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. We supplied more than 700 sustainable toilets and urinals for the festival-goers.

The toilets offer complete hygienic solutions. The vacuum flush toilets, have ergonomically-shaped doors allowing sunlight to enter the stalls while allowing for optimum ventilation. Extremely smooth interior walls, no sharp 90° corners, and seamless flooring makes the module the easiest to clean portable toilet system available. Crews were able to access the modules throughout each day to keep the restrooms clean and to make sure there was plenty of toilet paper. The vacuum flush system inducts fresh air into each stall with every flush, resulting in a virtually odorless experience and the most hygienic operation available.

Event-goers were able to enjoy restrooms that are more similar to an indoor facility than your standard portable restrooms used at festivals in the past. Complete hygienic solutions like this help to set a positive tone for any event, festival, or concert. At festivals like Voodoo, a clean and hygienic system will encourage people to spend more money on food and beverages, knowing they will have access to comfortable and clean facilities.

Deployed Resources will be on hand at many more festivals in the future, so stay tuned for more updates!