Containerized Kitchen Unit

Our Containerized Kitchen Units (CKUs) provide a fully functional, stainless steel kitchen inside standard ISO containers.

All Containerized Kitchens are provided with full exhaust hoods and ANSUL fire suppression systems, interior lighting, HVAC, refrigeration & dry storage, dual convection ovens, six-burner range, tilt skillet, warming cabinets, prep areas, three-bay sink, a hand-wash sink, and an easily removable grease trap for quick and easy cleanup.

These Kitchen units include power, propane, wastewater storage, and a hot water heater with potable water supplied from a municipal system or via water tankers and pumps. These units are built to the highest standards with equipment and floor plans that rival any existing fixed kitchen facility.

For short term or rapid response requirements, two units on a chassis are fully operational in under an hour and are capable of serving 500 people.

For larger requirements or extended durations, a four-unit configuration is capable of serving 1,000 people.

We Provide a Breadth of equipment for your
deployment needs

Specifications | Containerized Kitchen Unit

32’W x 8’6”H x 20’D, 8’W x 8’6”H x 20’D (Individual Unit)
32’ x 20’, 8’ x 20’ (Individual Unit)
21,000 lbs
21,000 lbs
Water Inlet
1” NPT
Power Requirements for Containerized kitchen setups vary by design and whether gas or electric.
One-Ton Heat/AC Unit
Available Colors
Sand Custom
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Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.