You can reset your Okta credentials by clicking on the “Need help signing in ” option at the bottom of the Okta page. From there please proceed through the prompts  for “Forgot Password” or “Unlock account”- depending on your issue 

When trying to reset your Gmail password follow the prompts to reset your Okta credentials, which will then allow you access to your email account.

Completely uninstall the ADP  app from your respective device , then restart  the device completely. Once the device comes back up reinstall the app and attempt to sign in once more. If youre still having issues after that please submit a corresponding IT Service Desk Ticket 

By emailing [email protected] a ticket will automatically be created on your behalf.

Click on the “Register” link in the lower left hand corner of the page. Once your access has been approved you will be given access to the portal site 

Once you get your manager approval, please ask your manager submit a helpdesk ticket with the request with their approval.

Please put in a helpdesk ticket to get troubleshooting started.  If IT is not able to fix the issue, we may ask you to take it to the nearest BestBuy Geek Squad, or if it is beyond repair, we will get approval from your manager to replace.

There is a request link on the dashboard of Okta, Request an App or email the helpdesk. Please include the user group of who will use this new application with the URL (web address).