Deployed Resources Aids Merrimack Valley Following Gas Explosions

On September 13, 2018, a series of explosions and fires occurred in three Merrimack Valley communities in Massachusetts.

This devastating event damaged over 100 homes and businesses and left a gaseous odor throughout the area. It also resulted in numerous injuries, one death, and forced over 30,000 individuals to evacuate their homes since the region lost access to electricity to prevent further explosions and fires from occurring.

Since the recovery efforts are vast — including 48 miles of replacement gas pipelines and new pressure regulators — Deployed Resources was called on to help provide temporary life support facilities, services, and products to those in need.

In response, over 500 trailers were transported and dispersed in five locations across Lawrence, North Andover, and Andover — the three Merrimack Valley communities affected.

To ensure our recovery efforts are aligned and efficient, we are working alongside the local utility company, fire and police departments, and MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) to provide lodging locations and shelter for those who have lost their homes as well as access to heat and hot water.

Through our unique collaboration, we are providing a first of its kind method to offer shelter and temporary homes until individuals receive fully restored services by mid-December.

Photos complimentary of Deployed Resources and Camping World