Our Micro Camp Animation Receives Global Recognition

As innovators, we constantly strive to heighten the equipment and services we offer. It is also important for us to find the most creative solutions for showcasing these industry leading achievements.

When it came to crafting a marketing solution for the Micro Camp, our passion for creativity did not waver. The Micro Camp is a prefabricated camp ideal for supporting small teams of deployed personnel throughout their operations and trainings.

Due to our efforts, The Telly Awards honored us this past week for our fully animated video featuring the Micro Camp. The Telly Awards is an organization recognized for honoring excellence in video and television all screens for 40 years now.

Through 3D animation, we were able to bring this support camp to life and allow viewers to experience the camp firsthand. The animation illustrates the products making up the camp and also demonstrates how it travels and functions in even the most austere of environments.

The Micro Camp provides all basic amenities — in a compact space — necessary for living; this includes structures for sleeping, dining, personal hygiene, and recreation. Furthermore, it offers a safe a secure environment for individuals to live where they are stationed to work.

Discover the Deployed Resources Micro Camp.

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