Hurricane Season is Here: Preparation and Response

May 15, 2019 marks the beginning of the hurricane season in the Pacific, while the Atlantic season begins June 1, 2019; both seasons conclude on November 30th.

Throughout hurricane season Deployed Resources actively monitors the weather as a daily routine to stay ahead of these developing storms and their potential tracks.

In comparison to other natural disasters, the only “good” thing about hurricanes is that we have warnings that they are coming, and we have the ability to narrow down the region and time frame in which they will make landfall.

6+ Days Out from Landfall
We are reaching out to any of our existing retainer clients and local government agencies that have any chance of sustaining damage. We work with their teams to see if there are any assets we should stage on-site, pre-event based on each site’s needs.

3-5 Days Out from Landfall
Current technology and tracking systems usually do a good job predicting where a storm will hit and its probable intensity at landfall. At this point we will start moving gear from our strategically located yards to the yards that are best suited for response.

We also start to put project managers on-site with our retainer-based clients. We have a Deployed Resources representative as part of the plant’s response team enabling us to respond to needs the second they are brought up. If the plant response team encounters a problem, we have the solution. Any needs that are identified pre-storm will be brought in and set up.

2-3 Days Out from Landfall
All Deployed Resources staff is activated and sent to a staging yard that is safe from the storm, but close to where our services will be needed. For Hurricane Harvey we used our Jackson yard and we set up the satellite yard in San Antonio. There have been many storms that luckily weakened before landfall, but we still mobilize the crews just in case. Local and federal government are made aware of all equipment we have available (anything that is not currently rented or retained by existing customers).

1 Day Out from Landfall
We make sure all crews are rested and gear is loaded on trailers, so everything is ready to roll immediately when a call for support is received.

During the Storm
We maintain constant contact with clients, along with local and federal government agencies.

After the Storm
Once the storm has passed and needs are identified, we send scouts ahead of the semi-trucks to check routes, perform site surveys, and identify additional unforeseen needs. Once secured, we rapidly deploy our gear on-site so our crews can get to work, providing turnkey life support systems and services.

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