Sentinel II Airbeam Structures

The Sentinel II Airbeam tented structure erects in less than six minutes with no major tools and minimal labor. The Airbeam is available in four sizes and four colors. The Airbeam’s rapid deployment configuration is ideal for military training, emergency shelters, commercial/industrial support, or for staff support at special events. The Airbeam is modular and scalable and can be complexed together to establish larger facilities to fit site and customer specific requirements.

  • Ready for use in less than 10 minutes
  • Lightweight frame system allows for placement and movement by two people
  • Modular – connect multiple shelter in different directions
  • Maximum interior space due to vertical sidewalls

We Provide a Breadth of Equipment for Your Deployment Needs

Specifications | Sentinel II Airbeam Structures

–All weather inflator and hose kit –Sealed vinyl floor –Roof vents enable airfow/reduce condensation –Flame retardant vinyl –LED lighting
Additional Items
-HVAC unit -Modular composite flooring –Power generators –Containerized showers, latrines, laundries, kitchens
Wind Load
–55mph/Gust to 65mph –(89km/h Gust to 105km/h)
-20 to 135 F (-29 to 57 C)
Sentinel II-3 Set Up Time
4 min
Sentinel II-3 Footprint
16’11” x 18’4” (5.2 x 5.8m)
Sentinel II-3 Arches/Beams
Sentinel II-3 Peak
Sentinel II-3 Area
312 sf (95 sm)
Sentinel II-3 Total Weight
431 lb (195 kg)
Sentinel II-3 Packed Dimensions
Tent: 47” x 39” x 26” (1.2 x 1.0 x 0.7m) Tents/20’ Container: 15
Sentinel II-4 Set Up Time
5 min
Sentinel II-4 Footprint
24’9” x 18’4” (7.4 x 5.8m)
Sentinel II-4 Arches/Beams
Sentinel II-4 Peak
Sentinel II-4 Area
452 sf (137.8 sm)
Sentinel II-4 Total Weight
536 lbs (243.2 kg)
Sentinel II-4 Packed Dimensions
Tent: 51” x 39” x 28” (1.3 x 1.0 x 0.7m) Tents/20’ Container: 15
Sentinel II-5 Set Up time
6 min
Sentinel II-5 Footprint
32’8” x 18’4” (10.0 x 5.8m)
Sentinel II-5 Arches/Beams
Sentinel II-5 Peak
Sentinel II-5 Area
603 sf (183.8 sm)
Sentinel II-5 Total Weight
640 lb (290.3 kg)
Sentinel II-5 Packed Dimensions
Tent: 55” x 39” x 30” (1.4 x 1.0 x 0.8m) Tents/20’ Container: 12
Sentinel II-6 Set Up Time
6 min
Sentinel II-6 Footprint
40’6” x 20’8” (12.4 x 5.8m)
Sentinel II-6 Arches/Beams
Sentinel II-6 Peak
Sentinel II-6 Area
840 sf (258 sm)
Sentinel II-6 Total Weight
765 lb (347 kg)
Sentinel II-6 Packed Dimensions
Tent: 59” x 39” x 35” (1.5 x 1.0 x 0.9m) Tents/20’ Container: 10
Available Colors
Sand White Forest Orange
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Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.