Small Expeditionary Camp (SEC)

Our Small Expeditionary Camps (SECs) are designed to support smaller, frequently-mobile populations. The SECs provide all amenities of a base camp in an expedient and agile platform. They include containerized shower, restroom, kitchen, and laundry equipment in bicon (10’) containers, while housing is comprised of either collapsible modular units or airbeam structures. These prepackaged camps can ship on one to two trucks or by air. The equipment is ideally suited for staging with no shelf life expiration. Engineered for military, disaster, and commercial customers requiring living facilities for short or long term needs, this equipment is highly mobile and rapidly deployable. The prepackaged camp is based on 60 persons, but can be adjusted downward or upward as required. Multiple prepackaged camps can be used to support larger populations.

Specifications | Small Expeditionary Camp (SEC)

Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.