One of the most sustainable mobile hygienic systems on the market today, this eight-person urinal module comes equipped with automatically flushing urinals that rely on a proven vacuum flush design powered by Jets™ technology. The urinal module flushes clean with the least amount of water possible (0.01 gallon vs. standard one gallon), making sure no foul odors can form around the urinals.

Designer privacy sheets ensure every user can comfortably use the urinal. The urinal module is lit with recessed, waterproof LED lights which provide ample lighting as well as a high quality look.

Operators have more freedom to place modules than normal gravity urinals. In fact, the sewage lines and urinal modules can be placed on slightly uneven surfaces. The users are not able to reach or damage the piping because all critical parts are neatly and safely mounted behind closed lockable sliding doors that still provide easy access for maintenance. The urinal module is designed for easy cleaning. Both the interior and exterior can be quickly and conveniently cleaned with a common household pressure washer.

The collapsible design provide easy, safe, and economical transport. Every four foot section of truckbed accommodates two modules, thus 16 individual urinals per four feet. This enables a 53’ trailer to load 22 modules for a total of 176 urinal positions.

This allows event organizers to provide dependable, high-end, high volume sanitation facilities to their visitors, each and every time.

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