Micro Camp

The Micro Camp is designed to support small teams of deployed personnel throughout their operations and trainings. The Micro Camp provides all basic amenities necessary for living and offer a safe and secure environment allowing staff to stay where they work, which helps avoid hazardous travel to and from work sites.

The Micro Camp includes two Sentinel II Airbeam Tented Structures for sleeping, dining, and recreation accommodations. The 10’ Bicon Latrine/Shower and Kitchen unit provides separate facilities within a single container, and the 10’ Bicon Office Unit delivers an exceptional, fully-equipped climate-controlled workplace. Designed to use minimal water and fuel, the amenities reduce supply runs which minimizes movement within hot zones.

The Micro Camp can be transported by truck, rail, ship, and air to reach even the most rugged and remote locations. The prepackaged camp is based on six people however it can be adjusted downward or upward as required.

  • Supports all basic amenities for living
  • Supports 6 people, can be adjusted upward or downward as needed
  • Designed to use minimal water and fuel
  • Can be transported by truck, rail, ship and air to remote locations

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Specifications | Micro Camp

Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.