Facilities Support/Base Operations

Deployed Resources provides janitorial, maintenance, trash disposal, security guards and services, mail routing, reception, laundry, and other related services to support operations to both government-owned and contractor-owned facilities. With a focus on safety, efficiency, sustainability, and quality, Deployed Resources maintains the infrastructure in proper operating conditions through routine, preventative maintenance and safety checks, helping to prevent operational failure, reducing operating costs and allowing occupants to focus on their core mission. Along with Facilities Support Services, Deployed Resources provides the resources (labor, equipment, material) to operate bases and installations for a variety of Federal Agencies, to include Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Through these missions, Deployed Resources augments the applicable agency’s mission capability, ensuring quality-of-life, and enhancing work force productivity.

  • Material activity operations
  • Installation modification work order and warranty program coordination
  • Equipment condition classification
  • Base operation equipment (i.e. construction equipment, emergency equipment, etc.,)
  • Tactical equipment (i.e. armament, combat platforms, ground support equipment)
  • Corrosion protection programs
  • Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) program

Transportation Support

Deployed Resources provides the following types of transportation support using applicable Standard Army Management Information Systems/Army Information Systems:

  • Central travel office
  • Non-tactical equipment management
  • License equipment operators
  • Railroad operations
  • Household goods operations
  • Personnel & cargo movement
  • Local drayage operations
  • Movement planning and transportation motor pool operations
  • Unit movement planning
  • Arrival and departure control group
  • Installation transportation office

Specifications | Facilities Support/Base Operations

Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.