Base Camp/Responder Support Camps

With assets strategically staged throughout North America, Deployed Resources is uniquely positioned to respond immediately to support response and recovery efforts associated with all types of disasters. We have the capability to support up to 20,000 people simultaneously and can erect a turnkey campus within 72 hours of notice. Turnkey base camps typically include temporary housing, food service, showers, laundries, restrooms, water & wastewater systems, power & HVAC, on-site medical services, security, and a recreation area complete with exercise equipment, large screen TVs, and wireless internet. Our full-time staff ensures all equipment is mission capable at all times. In addition to our full-time workforce, we also have a large database of reserve personnel that is updated monthly via an automated calling system that provides us with status updates for available staff. All staffing and operations are modeled after the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) to facilitate effective management, communication, and integration with other organizations.

Specifications | Base Camp/Responder Support Camps

Specifications may vary. Contact Deployed Resources for more information.